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100% of the experience at GiveCamp is focused on helping people in the non-profits of Saint Louis. No politics, No upper management telling you what not to do, No ungrateful customers demanding more than is humanly possible. Each GiveCamp team is limited to a group of developers working like mad to make a difference.

At the end of the weekend, each team makes that difference by delivering functional code to non-profits who need our help. During last year’s unveil you could see many of the “customers” fight back tears when they received solutions that they never would have been able to pay for on their limited IT budgets.

Against all odds, the passion and dedication of the developers at last year’s give camp was enough to successfully deliver 9 solutions in one weekend. During the Sunday evening unveiling volunteers successfully delivered the following types of projects:

  • Full marketing face lift – redesign, new site, new content, new graphics, etc…
  • Full CMS solutions – the ability to manage their own content and web presence
  • Automation of business solutions – Event management, credit card & donation processing, volunteer & client on-boarding solutions, etc…
  • Complete network implementation
  • Loads of technical advice regarding software, solutions, and future technical needs.

As geeks these things may seem common, but to the non-profits involved they completely changed the way they do what they do.

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