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St. Louis GiveCamp draws us out of our caves and gives us a reason to socialize and something great to talk about. Forget those awkward attempts to chat about crap you don’t care about around the water cooler. Just a group of passionate geeks connecting about the things that really get us going. A whole weekend of geeking out for a good cause.

GiveCamp lets us all work in non-threatening, peer driven environment with other passionate software development professionals. No controlling middle managers, No one telling you your idea is stupid. Instead give camp brings geeks together with the goal of applying all of our skills in an open environment to build quality technical solutions. In this open environment you will gain valuable new contacts in the industry. Learn new practices and approaches from other developers.

At last year’s GiveCamp (AKA Coders 4 Charity), more than 50 geeks got together under one roof for a full weekend; Senior developers mentored less experienced techies. Geeks of all experience levels built friendships across long standing corporate & technology lines. Saint Louis left the weekend stronger because us geeks finally united for a common goal.

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