Information For Volunteers

The volunteers at GiveCamp have a unique opportunity not available to the majority of the technology community. For one weekend we get to cast off our horn rimmed glasses and pocket protectors & instead don capes and tights*. For one weekend we transform ourselves from cubicle slaves to super heroes, saving Saint Louis’s non-profits community from the villainy of inadequate and out-dated technology. In exchange we all take knowledge, connections, and a sense of accomplishment back to our mundane lives and bland cubicles when we return to life as normal on Monday.

* Neither tights nor capes are required to participate. In the majority of cases, we would appreciate more appropriate attire.

Learn new technical skills. Connect with other passionate developers. Build a complete high-quality technical solution in just one weekend. Give back that solution to extremely grateful non-profits. Live your life knowing that you made a long term difference in the Saint Louis community.

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