2011 Charities

Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments
Team Lead: Jeff Fattic

Create a client application (WPF, Silverlight, WinForms?) to capture information in the field. This application will send the information to a USB drive or via email back to the home office. At the home office, they will upload this via another app to their SQL Server (hopefully acquiring license soon) or existing Access database. Converting some or all of their Access database to SQL, and building a few reports. Data needs to comply with HIPAA and data privacy guidelines. Data will include customer demographics, service history, and outcome data analysis.

Skills needed: T-SQL, DBA, Client app developer, MS Access

Employment Connections

Team Lead: Jacob Adams

Last year, we redesigned Employment Connection's public website. This year, we will be building an additional site to handle their Managed Work Services. Through this program they handle the recruitment, screening, soft-skills and job training, benefits and vacation for up to six months for placed employees. They are looking to increase the number of employers who are willing to partner with them and their thoughts were that this would be best done through electronic marketing and a new website.

Skills needed: Designer, CMS experience, Orchard

Project Skipper

Team Lead: Joe Dent

This is a new non-profit created from a personal tragedy. Their mission is to raise education of children and young adults on thin-ice safety and cold-water emersion survival. They have collected the details that the Navy SEALS use to train on cold-water missions and rescues, and are reforming the message for younger minds. A web site and supporting classroom materials are providing the message.

Project Skipper has a web site created using the site-builder from yahoo. The goal of the weekend is to bring this site to a level that will allow the content providers to easily manage a growing content and expand to support new programs as they are developed.

Skills needed: Designers (print and web), Developers DNN/C#/.Net/JQuery/Flash

ALS Association, St. Louis Chapte

Team Lead: James Hill

Team training on using SharePoint. Creating new lists or sites to aid office productivity. Document office procedures.

Skills needed: SharePoint, Business Analyst, Writer

Senior Services Plus

Team Lead: Roger Davis

Interactive Client Data Base: SSP is requesting assistance in developing an interactive customer data base in Access or Excel for our Homemaker department that can provide the following information for agency needs:

  • Track demographic information for agency reports.
  • Generate Reports
  • Input customer service contacts
  • Schedule staff schedules

Interactive Donor Data Base: An Access or Excel spreadsheet that would track all Donor information for anyone who gives a donation through the year providing the following capabilities:

  • Do email blast
  • Generate labels for mailing
  • Develop capital or fund raising campaigns based on past giving histories

Skills needed: MS Access, MS Excel, graphics designer

Patches and Badges for Kids
Team Lead: Jack Menge

Create a new site based on DNN that will replace/augment existing Silverlight site. Graphics, photo viewer, calendar, sponsor page, Facebook connection, Twitter connection

Skills needed: DNN, graphics designer, social media knowledge